Setien hopes Sociedad stumble towards the end of the season.

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Enrique Setien is still hoping to lead Villarreal to next season’s Champions League if Real Sociedad form falters in the last four games of the season.

Villarreal coach Enrique Setien has insisted the Yellow Submarines will go on to win all four of their last four games this season and expect Real Sociedad to stumble as well. Slash to win tickets to next season’s Champions League, according to a report from ‘Diario As’ on Sunday. 

Villarreal thrashed Athletic Bilbao 5-1 in their last game, collecting 57 points from 34 games, five points behind fourth-placed Real Sociedad in their last four games. of the season While it may be difficult for the Yellow Submarines, Setien still hopes La Real will stumble as well. Because the Basque Country team still has a program to play against Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid and Sevilla that are recovering.

‘La Real depends on them. But we’ll keep an eye on them. We will try to win the games we have. and if they miss we will be there we will not give up We can extend our lead over Athletic and Girona and that’s always a good thing. The European mission is almost done.’ Setien said UFABET

However, Villarreal has a rather difficult program in the last 4 games as well. With a queue to meet with Girona (away), Cadiz (home), Rayo Vallecano (away) and Atletico Madrid (home), part 4 of Real Sociedad will Faced with Barcelona (away), Almeria (h), Atletico Madrid (away) and Sevilla (h).