Pok Deng Score.

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When it comes to Pok Deng Score against the dealer, players can beat, tie with, or lose. First the players must compare the hand type, then the taem and lastly the deng. In general, the hand type and taem automatically determine the winner but the Pok Deng is the tiebreaker and the one which determines how much the winner can win betting.

Hand Type: when comparing hand type, the better hand always wins. The winning amount is the winning player’s deng multiplied by the original bet. In case, the dealer and the player has similar hand types, they compare the taem. The better taem wins and the winning amount again determined by the deng. In cases where the player and the dealer has similar hand types and taem. The Pok Deng Score is then compare. The one with a better deng wins and the payout is the difference of the hand’s deng. In rare cases, the dealer has the same hand type, taem, and deng with the player. It is consider a tie and the original bet returns to the player.games by UFABET 

There are a few exceptions to this rule. One is if one of the hand has a tong and the other has a sam lueang. As discussed earlier, tong is better than sam lueang thus the hand with tong wins. The payout is double the original bet.

Players of Pok Deng often introduce additional rules to spice up the game. These are optional, of course.