Bordalas denies talking about Bellingham to the club.

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Getafe coach Jose Bordalas refused to comment on Jude Bellingham use of racial slurs against Mason Greenwood. Saying the Real Madrid midfielder had no role in influencing the player. Manchester United comes to play in Spain.

    It became a big issue in the football world when a video surfaced of Bellingham calling Greenwood a “rapist” during a game between the two teams last Thursday. Getafe has filed a report. This went to La Liga and lip-reading experts were invited to help look into it.ทางเข้า ufabet

    At his pre-match press conference on Saturday, Bordalas said it was up to Getafe and La Liga to assess the matter. Adding that Bellingham had no influence on the matter. Let Greenwood come and play in the bulls’ territory as well.

    “That has already been explained. What I said several months ago was a misunderstanding,” Bordalas said before taking the away team to Real Betis.

    As for Bellingham, Bordalas said, “I know the same thing you know. It doesn’t depend on me. It is for the clubs, La Liga and the federations to analyze this matter.”

    “The only thing I can say is that I respect Mason Greenwood because he is a great person. He is a person who respects others and behaves exemplarily.”