Arteta has apologized the gun fell off the second half.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has apologized for his side’s performance in their 3-0 defeat to Brighton. Especially in the second half.

Arsenal threw away hopes for the title after losing 3-0 to Brighton, giving Manchester City the title if they beat Chelsea in their next game.

Arteta said after the game: “A week ago I was standing here feeling proud. But today I apologize for the performance in the second half. It was really unacceptable.”UFABET

“Mathematically It’s still possible. But today it is possible to think that way. We need to understand the result and performance in the second half. must understand why and have to respond differently.”

“Brighton played very well. At the time we started playing really badly. Until then, it was the game we expected. We need to be more aggressive and take our chances.”

“They make good use of the available space. and we were punished I always protect my players. So the person in charge is me. After a home defeat like this You need to analyze yourself first before looking at others.”

As a result, the “cannons” stopped at 81 points from 36 matches, ranked 2nd in the table, behind Manchester City by 4 points and playing more than 1 game. While “Seagulls” increased to 58 points from 34 matches moved up to 6th place in the table.