Blood vessels protruding from his hands Why?

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Blood vessels protruding from his hands Why?

Have you ever worn a shirt showing your arms? open hand clearly but felt embarrassed because the veins on his hands bulged come out clearly Just bulging your hands is not enough. It’s also both the arms and the legs. Play out of confidence. Why is that? So what caused this situation? Can it be cured? Hello, doctor, I have an answer for everyone at ยูฟ่าเบท

What is a bulging hand vein?

Try looking down and looking at your own hand to see if Can you see the veins clearly? Is there a visibly protruding vein on the back of your hand? That’s what’s called bulging hand veins. Also known as varicose veins, similar to symptoms of varicose veins. The veins that bulge out are the veins, but the veins on the arms and hands are It is a vein that is different from thigh veins However, bulging veins are not limited to the hands. but can still be evident on the arm and thighs as well

What are the reasons that cause the veins on the hands to bulge?

that bulging blood vessel It is not caused by any disease condition, but is caused by other factors that are different as follows:

  • age

One of the main causes of having bulging veins on the hands is aging. and lose flexibility making it possible to clearly see the veins on the palm

  • exercise

regular exercise It’s good for health. It makes the body strong. But at the same time, it is another reason that causes the veins to bulge out as well. Because exercise increases blood pressure. when blood pressure rises will push the blood vessels closer to the skin and usually After vigorous exercise or physical activity, blood pressure drops to normal levels. This means that the protruding veins should also be restored. But for those who exercise Or playing sports on a regular basis will cause the blood vessels to bulge out permanently.

  • very hot weather

hot weather or high temperature conditions affects the expansion of blood vessels especially when the temperature rises. It will hinder the work of the veins. As a result, the veins are enlarged.

bulging blood vessels Is it dangerous?

This situation was not caused by the consequences of the disease. or any health condition and does not have side effects that will cause harm The only problem with visible bulging veins is that it affects confidence. Some people are embarrassed that their blood vessels bulge out. especially with women or alternative gender groups But at the same time, some people like their bulging veins. because it represents the strength of the body obtained from intense exercise

Method of treatment

Although not a side effect of a dangerous disease But confidence affects people’s lives a lot. and for solving this problem:

Many people choose to inject the solution into the vein. The same method used to treat varicose veins is called Sclerotherapy. Vascular laser treatment Also known as Endovenous ablation therapy by inserting a laser tube into the blood vessel. in order to shrink the veins not enlarged as it is This method results in less pain or pain. is safe and almost no recovery A procedure called ambulatory phlebectomy is done using a procedure called Vein stripping and ligation.

which different ways to have said this Should in the care of a specialist and reliable doctor. Please ask for more information and advice from a specialist doctor.