12 danger signs hormonal imbalance

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12 danger signs hormonal imbalance

various abnormal symptoms that makes us uncomfortable pain here pain leading to a decrease in quality of life But you may not be able to figure out what it is. “Hormonal imbalance” is possible because hormones are like chemicals. That communicate to cells. and organs in the body to function normally and balance, so if the hormones are abnormal. We may show some abnormal symptoms as well. Report from


12 danger signs hormonal imbalance

  1. irregular menstrual cycle

Normally women have their periods every 21-35 days, but if they come too often or lack of menstruation That means we have estrogen. is a female hormone including the hormone progesterone that controls the coming of menstruation a lot or too little

  1. insomnia or difficulty falling asleep

In addition to the hormone melatonin that contributes to better sleep. also contains the hormone progesterone Produced from the ovaries of women That helps women sleep more comfortably. But if one of these two hormones is lower than normal. It will affect sleep as well. including the female hormone estrogen If this hormone is lower than normal It may cause women to feel hot flashes, cold or sweating at night. It can disturb sleep as well.


Hormonal acne that grows in tablets On the face before menstruation is normal. not scary But if there is acne on a regular basis, it is not completely cured. There may be a problem with androgen hormones. that if there is a problem it will result in the endocrine glands and sebaceous glands in the skin cells and hair follicles malfunction As a result, it can cause clogging to become acne.

  1. lost, forgotten

Some experts believe that if estrogen is abnormal, affects the control in the brain and neurotransmitters which affects concentration and memory too especially near menopause There will be a number of symptoms linked to hormone levels and the thyroid gland. Causing the brain to work may not be as effective as other times

  1. stomach ache

Not all types of abdominal pain are hormone-related. But it is abdominal pain in the lower abdomen that occurs first. Or during the menstruation of women there. Menstrual pain is different for each woman. And it’s not considered abnormal if it’s just a temporary pain. But if the menstrual pain is so much that it is unbearable, abdominal pain until the face turns pale And sometimes menstrual pain medication just doesn’t work. This can be a result of abnormal estrogen levels. However, there are many causes for abdominal pain. If you have severe abdominal pain Should see a doctor to find out the real cause.

Tired, exhausted all the time

When the amount of thyroid hormones is reduced May result in body fatigue. and reduced energy It may be from hormonal abnormalities that come from the functioning of the thyroid gland itself. Or it could be a thyroid disorder itself.

  1. stressful mood swings

If anyone has heard the word Hormone swings or Hormone Swing probably understand what the symptoms are. In addition to being easily irritated and angry Estrogen is also a key hormone that affects the brain and mood.

  1. weight gain

It may be possible to say that weight gain is due to hormonal abnormalities. Because when the hormone estrogen is less We will feel more appetite. The hunger glands began to work more. As a result, many women want to eat more fussy food until they gain weight.

  1. headache

Headaches have many causes. But one of them still has low estrogen that can cause headaches. especially during the period before menstruation If you try to observe yourself and find that you have a headache before your period every month. It could be due to an abnormality of the estrogen hormone.

dry vagina

Usually if a woman has vaginal dryness. Lack of lubrication during intercourse is not uncommon. But if it happens too often This may be due to the low amount of estrogen. Causing the vagina to lose balance in work as well

  1. unexplained decrease in sex drive

The hormone that controls male sex drive is testosterone. But in females, this hormone is also present. If the level of testosterone is too low May result in decreased sexual desire.

  1. chest changes

Many women have probably noticed that during menstruation they feel the size of their breasts getting bigger. Caused by changes in the hormone estrogen and other female hormones So if any woman who feels that the size of the breasts is small.