Recommendations and precautions for using artificial tears.

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The tears that our eyes produce Its function is like a fortress that protects the eye from the environment. The main component of tears in terms of volume is the aqueous/watery layer, which is the middle and thickest layer. Another important layer is the oil layer (lipid/oil layer), which is the top or outermost layer. By the oil that is coat It will help smooth the tear surface. Prevents evaporation of the other two layers of tears that are covere by the oil layer. Keeps the eye surface from drying out too quickly Whenever the body doesn’t produce enough tears Including factors or diseases that cause tears to evaporate faster or more than normal. Artificial tears will play an important role in helping to supplement or replace natural tear. It can also help treat other eye conditions or diseases.

Artificial tears are use to relieve symptoms of dry eyes, increasing moisture and reducing friction on the cornea. Helps relieve eye irritationสมัคร ufabet, eye irritation, and reduces redness and swelling. which is cause by various factors such as

  • Being in a sunny, windy place or there is dust and smoke
  • People who have dry eyes and eye strain from using their eyes continuously for a long time, such as workers who stare at a computer screen all day.
  • People with congenital diseases such as autoimmune diseases (Autoimmune Diseases)
  • old people The eyes will easily lose moisture.
  • People who have undergone eye surgery
  • Users of certain medications, such as antihistamines and antidepressants

However, artificial tears only relieve dry eye symptoms. Unable to treat the cause of dry eyes And artificial tears cannot be use to treat or prevent eye infections.

For those who wear contact lenses, generally they should remove their contact lenses before instilling artificial tears. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and then put the contact lenses back in. Because using artificial tears that contain preservatives may cause contact lenses to change color. Or it may damage the corneal epithelial cells, such as benzalkonium chloride. (Benzalkonium Chloride) 

If the corneal epithelium is expose to this substance for a long time, it may cause the cells The corneal epithelium can be damag or you should choose artificial tears that are suitable for use with contact lenses. That is, choose to use artificial tear bulbs that can be use within 1 day or choose to use artificial tears that do not contain preservatives. or add preservatives that have little negative effect on the corneal epithelium.

In addition, the use of artificial tears has the following recommendations:

  • Care should be take not to let the tip of the artificial tear tube come into contact with the eyes, facial skin, or any part of the body. Because it may become contaminated with bacteria and cause subsequent infections.
  • Artificial tear should be store at room temperature, approximately 15–30 degrees Celsius, and should not be frozen.
  • All types of artificial tear Once expire, any remaining items should be discard immediately and must not be use.