A scar is a wound that no one wants to have.

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Scar are the result of the body’s natural wound healing process. When our skin is injure and causes tissue damage. The body produces a type of protein that is ‘collagen’ that we are all familiar with. More collagen is produce when we have wounds. To help heal damaged tissue Makes the skin return to normal and close again. But in most cases, after the fresh wound begins to dry Collagen will continue to be produc and blood will be sent to the affect area more than usual. This causes our wounds to become raised and red. Each person will have different scar characteristics. It depends on the factors that cause the wound. Which is the reason why people get wounds that become scars.

Scars can fade on their own over time. It is cause by the body stopping producing collagen and the blood flowing to the wound area decreases. Makes the scar gradually smoother, softer, and fade away on its own. But if the first 2 years after the wound heals have passed, There may be a small chance that the scar will fade further.

When our body has fresh wounds Whether it’s a wound from surgery or an accident. Many people often have questions about popular foods. We often hear that eating will make the wound heal slowly. You should refrain from eating when you have an ulcer, such as foods such as eggs, fermented foods, and seafood, etc. UFABET explain this when our body has a wound. What causes inflammation is various impurities, but not because of food. Therefore, no matter what type of food we eat when we have a wound, it cannot directly affect the wound. But we should be more careful about the cleanliness of the wound area. Therefore, there is no specific type of food that should be avoided when having an ulcer. But be careful about the cleanliness of food. Because dirt contaminated with food can greatly affect the internal body.

Ways to prevent scarring can be done easily as follows:

  • When a wound occurs, use cold water to clean the wound and wipe the area around the wound with mild soap. Do not use harsh soap. Hydrogen peroxide,  iodine, or alcohol for disinfection This may cause irritation and cause the wound to heal slowly.
  • A wound dressing should be use to prevent bacteria, dirt, and various irritants from entering the wound.
  • You should not scratch, pick, pick, or scratch the area where the wound occurred. Because it will cause the wound to open again. Risk of bacterial infection and may cause the scar to become larger.
  • You may add moisture to the skin in the area of ​​the wound with nourishing cream. Moisturizer that does not contain perfume ingredients To help the wound heal faster and reduce the chance of scarring

Although scars cannot always be prevent, This is because the chances of scarring for each person and each area of ​​the body are different. But if you are always careful not to cause injuries. Or if a wound has occurred, take care of the wound appropriately according to the steps above. It may help reduce the chance of scarring to a certain extent.